032418_662-1pon Hikaru Kurokawa

1pondo 032418_662 エステ未経験の若妻を実践エロ講習! 黒川ひかる

1pondo 032418_662 エステ未経験の若妻を実践エロ講習! 黒川ひかる

日本人離れした小さな顔にスラリと伸びた長い美脚。そんじょそこらのモデルでは太刀打ちできない抜群のスタイルをした人妻がエステ実践エロ講習! エステと言ってもエロいサービスを提供するエステ。ルックスが良い事からVIP専用にと社長のお墨付き、、、、、と言っても男性客を喜ばせなければ売れっ子ナンバーワンになれないと社長自らが実践講習! セックス慣れはしていても男を喜ばすテクニックは別と社長があらゆるテクニック、男の喜ぶツボを伝授。 社長相手にぎこちないながらも男を喜ばそうと必死に努力をする若妻をお見逃しなく! 小ぶりながらも形崩れ一つしていない美乳、くびれたウエスト、プリプリの美尻は必見です。

出演: 黒川ひかる
ユーザー評価: ★★★★★ (2件)

A slender and long long leg stretched to a small face away from the Japanese. Married wife with outstanding style which can not compare with Soya-sosho’s model is practicing erotic practice erotic! An esthet that provides erotic services even if you say esthetics. Even if it says that the looks are good for the VIP only and the president ‘s seal, even if saying, it is not practical training of the president himself if the male customer must be pleased and the president himself can not become number one child! Even though I am accustomed to sex, the technique that pleases men is different and the president teaches all the techniques, a key point that men enjoy. Do not miss the young wife who struggles desperately trying to please the man while awkward to the president! Beautiful breasts that are small but not collapsed, beautiful breasts waisted waist, pretty nice butt are a must-see.

Starring: Hikaru Kurokawa
Release Date:2018/03/24

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